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Inspired by the essence of Amsterdam:


 ''The Gateway of Europe''.

We create exclusive street wear and accessories with deeper meaning

and higher quality.

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We are the home of Amsterdam Cartel, a brand founded by a creative multi-cultural team.


Our brand was founded by friends who share the same vision; connecting people and embracing culture. During the journey we have been adding other brains and hearts to our community. With a taste for comfort and quality street wear, the team is building a lifestyle brand based on values that represents the open minded and multifaceted Amsterdam.


We aim to build a family around the globe who share the same passions. Empowering each other, celebrating diversity and building a legacy, all connected to one home; Amsterdam Cartel.



Speaking different languages all around the world connected through inspiring stories, diverse collections and unique pieces. The community of Amsterdam Cartel comes together to celebrate their passions and talents. They represent the culture of the city. Our community takes the values and the culture of Amsterdam everywhere they go.